1gram = 1$-70 руб

Dear users are happy to welcome you on our site!        With us you can do your favorite thing and get money for it!


media gram

The team of Media Gram is glad to welcome users on our platform, providing the ability to earn money online effortlessly. Here, we pay money for listening to music – that’s the only action you actually do!

Such an online work is free of charge for you, you aren’t required to do any obligatory replenishments of an account (if you’re not using the advanced options). You can be sure in the efficacy of the method by reading the feedback on online earning using music.


How to begin working with the website

By utilizing our website, you won’t have to ponder how to earn money on the Internet online. The interface is completely intuitive and that allows even the user, who has opened the website on the Internet for the first time to understand the principle of work with it.

The platform Media Gram is versatile. Using it, it is possible to organize the process of earning money on your telephone, laptop, tablet, or PC. This is the direct answer to the question, how to earn money using the phone.

After the registration and authorization on the website Media Gram, the user is automatically forwarded on the page of the personal cabinet, where the player is. At the moment of registration, there is no money at all, and listening to music is the only available option. There is no money given by the website for registration. The daily maximal number of tracks that you can listen to is 25. You can adjust the volume in your player and pause the song. On this very same page, you can open the function of downloading your music or increasing the income (changing the category).

The website functions in the Moscow time zone (+03:00). Refreshing the number of tracks happens exactly at 00:00. Their number gets replenished to 25 pieces again. Remember that the number of songs isn’t added automatically, so those songs that you haven’t listened to during the previous day will be nullified upon the arrival of another. Even if you haven’t listened to any track during the day, the number still gets renewed.

To automate your work with the resource, to play the next song automatically, and to avoid the need to enter captcha or doing any other action after each track is over, there is an option named “Auto player”. It requires one-time activation and it costs you 20 Grams.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: to make the website work correctly, you have to disable your AdBlock!


Remuneration and its improvement

To receive your remuneration, you have to listen to your track to the very end, after which, you have to hit the ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ and enter the captcha. In the event of closing the page or interrupting listening to the song, it will be started from the very beginning. If you’re not evaluating the song, the remuneration will not be added to your account.

After the registration, each user receives the category “Street musician”, which is granted automatically. The beginning cost of one track is 0.0003 Grams (this is the platform’s currency, which is an equivalent of the American dollar). The rate of the Russian Ruble is 85 RUB.

Every listener is able to improve the remuneration amount for listening to the tracks by purchasing the proper tariff. The tariffs are represented by several categories of listeners. The more you pay for the category, the more money you receive for one song. After being activated, categories do not have the termination term, so you aren’t obliged to pay again. It is important to know that categories aren’t summed up, that is, you get the amount that is indicated in the description of the category with the higher status. To activate the category, you have to pay the exact amount, which is indicated in the description of the selected position. Any category is empowered right after being activated by the user.

To increase the level of your income and the number of possible daily track to listen, any freshly registered user can purchase the special status of the VIP account in their personal cabinet. In the event of this, any category you’re currently having is added with 5 more tracks and loads of other functions.

ATTENTION: to purchase the status or category, you have to replenish your account first.


The referral program

The platform encourages users to invite new participants by offering profitable partner program, equal to 15%. That is, by inviting your friends, you are able to increase your own income using the mobile phone or PC, not doing any auxiliary actions at all! Use your referral link to do that. For each track that your referral uses, you receive the percentage from his or her remuneration. The higher your category is, the higher the amount you receive.


Replenishing and withdrawal

The website supports several payment systems:

       Payeer (replenishing and withdrawal in dollars and roubles);  

      Free Kassa (only withdrawal in roubles);

      Perfect Money (withdrawal in dollars).


You can replenish your account and withdraw the money earned by you in the US or ruble currency. The minimal withdrawal amount is 0.1 Grams. You don’t have to have any paid category of subscription to withdraw. Replenishment takes up to 24 hours. Withdrawal may take up to 72 hours. After you activate the VIP account, all your withdrawals will be instantaneous.


Actual currency rates:

       1 Gram = 1 USD

       1 USD = 85 RUB.


The history of financial operations and actions in your account are available in the personal cabinet of the user.


The list of available categories

Many people love to download and listen to music. The level of proficiency in this is defined by users themselves. It is possible to purchase the following categories on the website:



  • Street musician (the cost is 0 Gram) - 0.0003 gram for listening to the track


  • Pianist  - price of activation (5 Gram) - 0.006 gram for listening to the track


  • Violin player - activation price (10 Gram) - 0.01 gram for listening to the track


  • Guitarist - price of activation (25 gram) - 0.03 gram  for listening to the track


  • Drummer - price of activation (50 Gram) - 0.06 gram for listening to the track


  • Musician - price of activation (75 Gram) - 0.1 gram for listening to the track


  • Performer  - price of activation (100 Gram) - 0.13 gram for listening to the track


  • Artist  - price of activation (150 Gram) - 0.2 gram for listening to the track


  • Soloist (250 Gram)  -  0.33 gram for listening to the track


  • The conductor (350 Gram) - 0,46 gram - for listening to the track


  • DJ (500 gram) - 0.66 gram - for listening to the track


  • Vocalist (750 Gram) - 1 gram for listening to the track


  • Sound Engineer (1000 Gram) - 1.33 gram for listening to the track


  • Composer (2000 Gram) - 2.66 gram - for listening to the track


  • Producer (3000 ram) -  4  gram for listening to the track


  • King of Music (5000gram) - 6,66 gram for listening to the track


Every day, the list of categories may replenish and you can earn even more!


Violation of rules

The registration on the Media Gram platform means you completely agree with the rules of service’s work. The site only accepts users reaching the age of 18. Using multiple accounts or other unfair methods of working with the website is prohibited. If the misuse is detected, the administration has the right to block the IP/MAC address and the account of a user without any prior notice, forever. If you disagree with the project’s rules, you should immediately leave the site and not use it.